We have developed unique in-house Skills Level Assessment Tools to assist our clients to make informed decisions on which courses and levels to attend. This makes it easier for us to recommend which course level is best to attend.

Simply complete the form below to request the test, complete the test to the best of your ability and upload the test here or email it to test@apsol.co.za
MS Excel
MS Word
MS PowerePoint
MS Project
Outlook Questionaire
Please Note the following:
Some individuals might feel intimidated by this exercise, this is not a reflection on the staff member's ability to use the application but merely to point out areas to improve on. This evaluation is a guideline for us to recommend the appropriate level of training, but the final decision resides with you the client.
For Apsol to accurately assess the individuals, please insist on the following:
1. Monitor the assessment so staff cannot ask colleagues for assistance.
2. The assessment questions are in attached document.
3. Only allow Max. 30 to 40 min for assessment
4. Staff member must save the test in His/Her name and email it to test@apsol.co.za
5. Recommendations will be emailed to yourself or a nominated person to discuss with the individuals.
Our commentary is purely a recommendation and the final decision for course level training remains with you the client.

This is a service we offer to existing Apsol clients free of charge, however, if this service is not used to assess staff for training purposes at Apsol Training, an assessment fee of R50.00 per delegate per level will be charged.
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