This course was designed to build confedince in users who has either never or seldome worked on a computer before. This course covers the basics of computers concepts and the Windows Operating system. On the Second day of the course we cover the basics of Microsoft Office namely Excel, Word, Outlook and Internet, giving the user confidence and the knowledge to function effectifely when using a computer.
What is Hardware?
What is Software?
What is an Operating System?
What is Memory?
What is a Drive?
Understand how the Computer Works
Basic Files and Folders
Create and Save a Document
Close a Document
Open a Document
Print a Document
Find a Document
Delete a Document
Starting the Computer
Switching of the Computer
Using the Mouse
Using the Keyboard
The Windows Desktop
Understanding parts of a Window
Scroll Bars
Get Help
MS Paint
Change the Wallpaper
The Recycle Bin
What is a Virus?
What is a Network?
What is the Internet?
What is a Modem
Basics of MS Excel
Basics of MS Word
Basics of MS Outlook
Basics of the Internet and Internet Explorer