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 Specialist Computer Training

Our services consist of Expert Trainers equipped with professional material to deliver above average quality training. 

Lecture Based Training

Founded by Jennifer Le Roux in 2004, 
Jennifer has been training Microsoft Applications for the past 18 years and has built up a reputation as an EXCELLENT TRAINER!!
We are Members of Microsoft Research Program, Microsoft Partners and a MICT SETA Accredited Training Institute.

Our Courses

Attending our Training Courses not only develops skills, but also enhances productivity. After completion of our courses, tasks that would normally have taken long to perform, now take a fraction of the time to do.

We have developed unique skills level Assessment Tools (Click for Assessment Tool) to assist our clients to make informed decisions on which courses and levels to attend. By completing the assessment we can accurately recommend which course levels to attend.

Bulk Voucher Discount

Vouchers are Valid for up to 12 months and can be used by any staff member for any course to the same value.
All Vouchers must be paid in full and upfront, within 30 days of invoice. Voucher discounts are only valid per individual order and do not fix pricing structure for future bookings.

If any of our Terms and Conditions are not met, all discounts will be void and you will be invoiced for the full amount.


All our courses are offered Onsite at the client's premises if required. We offer laptops at a small extra fee per laptop which includes all relevant software. Onsite rates are Daily Rates only and calculated at 1-10 Delegates per day. For more than 10 delegates extra charges per delegate will apply.